The Weather in Costa del Sol

Malaga´s climate is Mediterranean Sub-Tropical. The overall average temperature is 18ºC with the highest temperatures coming in August which average 25.4ºC. The colder period of the year, which is January, has average temperatures of 11.9ºC.
The mild temperatures dominate our winters which makes snow and frozen weather practically non-existent, however, they did occur until the 60s and 70s of the last Century. The Summers are very warm, normally with high humidity except when there is a “Terral” wind which is a dry hot wind which shoots up the temperatures. In these situations, Malaga has had temperatures reaching 44ºC (1978 & 1994).
The rainfalls are concentrated to short periods. The average humidity is 66% and we have around 43 days of rain per year, normally during our colder months. Around 50% of our annual rainfall happens between the months of November and January and is around 524mm. The irregularity of the rain occurs during episodes of torrential downfalls and a record was set in Malaga when 313mm was registered at the observatory at the Airport on 27th September 1957 and during the floods of 14th November 1989.
Each year, Malaga has 2815 hours of sunshine and in 2007, Malaga was the second most Sunny city of Spain with 3059 hours of sunshine as recorded by the National Institute of Statistics. In 2009, July was the hottest month since 1942 and according to the State Agency of Meteorology, the average temperature was 32ºC with three continuous days of temperatures of 39 degrees.
The weather in Costa del Sol
Climate in Costa del Sol