Be Responsible in Costa del Sol


At Holiday World Hotels we are dedicate ourselves to the provision of hotel services, and we understand that a healthy environment is the basis of these tourist services and is essential for our future growth. Therefore, we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment , through measures such as selective waste management , the promotion of savings in consumption of energy and water as well as enhancing the use of renewable energies, and protection of biodiversity through the care of the environment and ecological habitat where we live in.
As part of our responsible commitment we promote healthy eating habits through a local, healthy and ecological cuisine.
Another aspect of our corporate commitment is to promote community solidarity supporting local non- profit organizations and associations, to improve the quality of life of our employees, local environment and schools, definitively the society as a whole .
The promotion of culture and active participation in the latest trends in art and entertainment , are also part of our responsible commitment in Holiday World Hotels, through the different programs we offer you during your visit. As part of that leisure, we help make known our immediate environment, through bringing you folk traditions.
In addition , in Holiday World Hotels, we offer you a range of activities in which we try to instill environmental values through play experiences, while showing our natural environment and landscape, such as excursions, bike tours, hiking tracks etc .
If we wants our responsible commitment to be effective, we need YOUR INVOLVEMENT, which is why we invite you to collaborate by saving energy at your room; by reusing towels and sheets; by visiting our local community you contribute to keep our customs and traditions alive; and by enjoying and respecting our natural environment.
As part of its leisure offers, at Holiday World Hotels, we want you to know our immediate environment, through its nature, folk traditions and gastronomy. Please search for the next symbols to find activities of:
    Traditions and culture:
    • Please ask at Reception or consult our Entertainment Program to enjoy
    • Live flamenco shows
    • Dance classes by our entertainment team
    • Excursions to local markets
    • Guided visits to Malaga and Marbella city centre or other Andalusian villages

    As part of our responsible commitment, at Holiday World Hotels, we promote healthy eating habits through a local cuisine, healthy and green, in the form of:

    • Using local products
    • Homemade Spanish Recipes (see Spanish Corner at buffet restaurant)
    • Andalusia Corner products and brand "Taste of Malaga" in Shop’n - Selection of tapas in our main bar
    • Please ask at Reception or consult our Entertainment Program to enjoy:
      • Our cooking workshops on "Spanish dishes" (paella, gazpacho ...)
      • Our wine and oil pairing workshops.
    Nature and surroundings

    At Holiday World, we offers you a range of activities in direct contact with our natural environment.
Please ask at Reception or consult our Entertainment Program to enjoy:

    • Nordic Beach Walking

    • Bike riding to Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Marbella, etc.
    • Running Track into Holiday World

    • Botanic route into Holiday World: we have create a charming stroll through Holiday World gardens where you can enjoy and learn more about all botanic species that live in Holiday World
    • Hiking tracks into the natura of Benalmadena, Mijas and other villages.
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